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Plot summary

A film adaptation writer wants to secretly write his first original screenplay about his true story of falling in love with someone who has recently become a widow.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ASuiGeneris 9 / 10

Has Cheline watched this yet? I mean Celine.

Not usually a huge fan when it comes to films about making films. Even less a fan of gimmicks in films. But they are used so masterfully here that I couldn't resist finding them endearing and even appealing.

I absolutely adored the parts where Bagus would say what he wanted done in the film, then it would be done. "Imagine in black and white." Abracadabra! Done. Even more amazing when Cheline did it late in the film, "What about racing drones?" Done! "Then the audience would be confused as we scale the building, then it would rush down to chase us from behind, then swing over to a front angle!" Check, check, check! "How about we movers behind her, to show the change?" Voila!

Most of the comedy was obvious, which made it all the more ingenious to leave the Cheline Dion one completely deadpan delivery every time.

Maybe I'm weak to have fallen for the cheap gimmicks and romantic comedy tropes. So be it!

Reviewed by rafieaulia 10 / 10

Extraordinary and unique movie

At first i was like getting some bored because of the slow pace of the movie (i dont really like slow pace movies). But slowly i getting really interested about the characters development in this movie.

Instead of giving the audience some melodrama or ordinary romance movies out there, this movie really gives new expirience of watching rom-com movie.. and not to mention the black and white concept, it was really brilliant.

I really recommend this movie for all ages, because this movie just mixed our emotions and feelings, and also a great great shout out to Yandy Lauren for making this movie.

I can't wait to see your next extraordinary movies.

Reviewed by DukeEman 8 / 10

Finest of modern Indonesian cinema...

A movie within a movie, within a movie! Something to that effect in this little gem about the crazy process of movie making, and how a screenwriter deals with the creative approach by involving his personal life, and those of others with great consequences.

It ultimately ends up as a love story, but without the Indonesian melodrama. Instead just a clever and funny structure, thanks to the talents of Yandy Laurens, who has gone against the grain of Indonesian film styles, by creating characters of great empathy (and the cast did an amazing job) in this honest and heartfelt story that combines the zany struggles in movie making, the process of grieving and most importantly, love.

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